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Chile & Peru


4 million+ ha. to be developed and 360,000+ ha. of new irrigation projects. In 2021, Peru will be the largest exporter of food in the world.

​​600,000+ ha. of essential crops; 200+ agro-industrial plants and 400+ fruit export companies. In 2019, Chile will be among the 10 largest foods exporters of the world.

Chile & Peru Agribusiness

Chilean and Peruvian Agri-food Sector with good projections and opportunities, based on the solid foundations of changes in population, food and consumption trends and on the availability of natural resources.


Positive counter cyclical to the mining industry; opportunities for Food & Agribusiness sector.

Financial system under stress due to lower economic growth. Debt restructuring, mergers and sales of local institutions. New players interested in participating in the growing agri-food sector of the region.

High demand for capital in the sector and lack of specialized financial services.